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obnamlib::vfs::VirtualFileSystem Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def abspath
def cat
def chdir
def chmod
def close
def connect
def exists
def getcwd
def isdir
def lchown
def link
def listdir
def lock
def log_stats
def lstat
def lutimes
def makedirs
def mkdir
def open
def overwrite_file
def readlink
def reinit
def remove
def rename
def rmdir
def rmtree
def scan_tree
def symlink
def unlock
def write_file

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

A virtual filesystem interface.

The backup program needs to access both local and remote files.
To make it easier to support all kinds of files both locally and
remotely, we use a custom virtual filesystem interface so that
all filesystem access is done the same way. This way, we can
easily support user data and backup repositories in any combination of
local and remote filesystems.

This class defines the interface for such virtual filesystems.
Sub-classes will actually implement the interface.

When a VFS is instantiated, it is bound to a base URL. When
accessing the virtual filesystem, all paths are then given
relative to the base URL. The Unix syntax for files is used
for the relative paths: directory components separated by
slashes, and an initial slash indicating the root of the
filesystem (in this case, the base URL).

Definition at line 27 of file vfs.py.

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